A Koch-Free WGBH!

After serving out his third-consecutive term on the board of WGBH, David Koch’s trusteeship has ended. Over 250,000 individuals, including you, signed petitions demanding WGBH sever ties with the fossil fuel billionaire and we've won! 


Unfortunately, Koch continues to underwrite the science program NOVA and will remain a member of WGBH’s Science Visiting Council — a laughable fact given Koch’s long and infamous record bankrolling climate disinformation. There's even still a chance that Koch could return for a fourth term at WGBH in 2017. To combat that possibility, we have to show 'GBH that the public is still in support of a Koch-Free WGBH.  


Share this image now to show WGBH that the public and its supporters are celebrating Koch's removal — and that we don't want him back!