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Thank you for speaking truth to power, for standing up to Ryan Zinke and the Trump administration, and for working to protect communities in Alaska — and across the nation — from the devastating effects of climate change.
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    In July, Joel Clement, the top climate policy official at the Department of the Interior, went public with a whistleblower complaint after he was demoted to an accounting office. The investigation is ongoing. 

    On Wednesday, October 4, Clement resigned from the Department of the Interior, tweeting "It was time to go, but will continue speaking truth to power from the outside, helping my contacts on the inside."

    In his resignation letter to Ryan Zinke, Clement wrote the following:

    "You have not silenced me; I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for action, and my voice will be part of the American chorus calling for your resignation so that someone loyal to the interests of all Americans, not just special interests, can take your job."

    It's important to support whistleblowers so that they aren't silenced, and so more people feel comfortable speaking out and joining their ranks. Join us today to thank Joel Clement for his commitment to speaking truth to power — and let's make sure he knows that we still have his back. 

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