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To the state attorneys general:

Please investigate ExxonMobil for hiding its own climate research while lying to the public and investors about the causes of climate change and the company's role in causing it.

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    UPDATE: On March 29, the attorneys general from Massachusetts and the Virgin Islands launched their own investigations into Exxon! The announcements came as 17 attorneys general created a coalition to defend climate progress and combat climate fraud from fossil fuel companies. Please sign the petition to encourage your own attorney general to investigate. 

    Exxon has known for 40 years that burning fossil fuels causes climate change. Instead of acting on their findings, they misled the public and funded climate change denial to block the transition to clean energy.

    But now that the New York and California state attorneys general have launched investigations into Exxon’s deception, we have the chance to hold Exxon accountable. If we build enough public pressure, more states will investigate Exxon and its criminal behavior will be one step closer to prosecution.

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