Share the Video: Nevadans Want Rooftop Solar


To pressure Nevada politicians into doing the right thing, we’re releasing a series of YouTube ads that will be shown all over Nevada, telling people about the importance of rooftop solar. One of the most powerful videos features rooftop solar supporter Connie Berry, who lost her job and way to help our planet at the same time.


In a state with so much sun, rooftop solar should be a no-brainer. But the Nevada Public Utilities Commission killed the rooftop solar industry when they changed the electricity rates for solar homeowners at the end of 2015. Good solar jobs disappeared overnight, as did the chance for homeowners to save on their energy bills.

The good news is that Nevada lawmakers will be considering bills to bring back the rooftop solar industry. But we have to act quickly, because the legislature meets for just four months every two years.

WATCH the video, then share with your friends and family to #BringBackSolar and good solar jobs to Nevada.