Tell Debate Moderators: End the Climate Silence

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Ask the presidential candidates: What is your plan to address climate change if you become president?
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    At both the vice presidential and first presidential debates, there were ZERO questions about climate change. 

    But, with the CNN debate approaching this Sunday, we have the chance to make sure a climate question is asked. We don't want just any question. We want a question that avoids a false debate by cutting to the heart of the issue and exposing just how ill-prepared a Donald Trump presidency is to address the reality of climate change. 

    CNN has a promising history of questioning candidates on climate change. In March, CNN anchor Jake Tapper questioned both Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. John Kasich about their plans to address sea level rise at the Republican presidential debate in Miami. With one candidate who tweeted that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese — and then walked it back, the American people deserve to know the candidate's true plans to deal (or not to) with climate change. The responsibility to ask these critical questions lies in the hands of the moderators.

    That's why we're urging CNN's Anderson Cooper and NBC's Martha Raddatz to ask candidates the real question: "What is your plan to address climate change?"