Tell Chris Wallace: It's Time to End the Climate Silence

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Ask the presidential candidates: What is your plan to address climate change if you become president?
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    It's outrageous! At the vice presidential and first two presidential debates, there were ZERO questions about climate change or extreme weather. 

    With the nation reeling from Hurricane Matthew, it's time to end the climate silence once and for all. Strengthened by climate change, catastrophic weather events are becoming our new normal. Hurricane Matthew shattered records for intensity, rainfall, storm tides, and flooding — and left tens of thousands impacted across five U.S. states. Record-breaking flooding in Eastern North Carolina continues to cause widespread, heart-breaking misery. 

    With the Fox News debate approaching on October 19 in Nevada, we have the chance to push yet again for a climate question to be asked. The responsibility to ask these critical questions lies in the hands of the moderator. That's why we're urging Chris Wallace to ask candidates the real question: "What is your plan to address climate change?"