Demand Accountability on Rooftop Solar in Nevada

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We support the request of the Consumer Protection Bureau to halt the implementation of a new net metering rate for rooftop-solar customers while appeals of the decision can be filed. 
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    UPDATE (2/9/2015): The PUC refused to delay new anti-solar rules, but pressure continues to build for reforms. Regulators meet on Thursday to decide whether existing solar owners will be exempted from new fees. Sign on to show we won't back down

     UPDATE (1/11/2015): Our pressure is working. Regulators just announced that they'll consider delaying new anti-solar rules while the courts weigh in. Sign on now and we'll deliver the petition in person at the PUC hearing on Wednesday. 

    While most of us were celebrating the holiday, Warren Buffett's NV Energy quietly steamrolled Nevada's rooftop solar industry with a massive assist from state regulators. Now, the State's Consumer Protection Bureau is crying foul — and calling for a suspension of the anti-solar measures until appeals can be heard in court. 

    Regulators have just 24 hours left to respond — let's show them public accountability doesn't take a holiday break

    Sign on to demand regulators suspend the new anti-solar rules until challenges can be heard in court.