Contact Your Rep: Last Chance to Stop the Tax Bill

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As your constituent I urge you to vote NO on the tax bill — and do everything in your power to stop it. This is a disaster of a bill that will directly impact me, our district, and our climate.

If you care about climate change, you will stop this bill. 

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    The tax bill is on the verge of passing, but there’s still a chance to stop it.

    There are so many reasons to hate this tax overhaul: It imperils healthcare for millions, increases taxes on the middle class, makes it more difficult to pay for grad school, starves critical social services… all while giving massive tax breaks to the rich.

    Included in the dirty list is another critical reason: this bill would further wreck our climate. Amongst the many egregious provisions are BILLIONS in new subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. The Senate version even goes so far as to open up oil drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). 

    Representatives of the GOP from the House and Senate are about to start meeting to hammer out the differences between their tax bills. That's why we need to ACT NOW and let our representatives know we'll be holding them personally accountable for how they vote. Add your name.

    ***If your representative is in the Climate Solutions Caucus, you are in a unique position to do something! Thirty-one Members of Congress from the GOP have joined this so-called “Climate Solutions Caucus” and these representatives claim to care about finding a solution to our climate crisis but so far the Climate Solutions Caucus has been all talk and no action on the tax bill. Click here to see the full list of Climate Solutions Caucus members.