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Secretary Ryan Zinke: Please act on the whistleblower complaint filed by Joel Clement and reinstate him in his previous position as director of the Office of Policy Analysis. Politics should not get in the way of protecting our communities from climate change.
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    Update: On Wednesday, October 4, Joel Clement resigned from the Interior Department, citing the failed leadership of Ryan Zinke. Read more about Clement's resignation here. We are still standing with climate whistleblowers and will be sure that Zinke and other Cabinet officials know that they cannot silence the voices of those pushing for climate action. Add your name today. 

    The Trump Administration just found a new low in its attacks on science! In July, the top climate policy official at the Department of the Interior, Joel Clement, went public with a whistleblower complaint after he was demoted to an accounting office. Now his career is on the line, and the integrity of one of our Nation’s most critical defenses against climate disruption is at stake.

    Clement filed a formal whistleblower complaint on Wednesday, and Senators on both sides of the aisle are now pushing for an investigation. His story is quickly gaining media attention, but with so much noise in the national conversation, we can help ensure that attention stays focused on Clement and the more than 50 others forced from their jobs at the Department.

    Sign the petition to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke demanding that he return Clement to his important work – and we’ll hand-deliver it to Department officials.

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