Tell Justin Trudeau: This is a historic mistake.

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I join with the many First Nations and thousands of Canadians in condemning Prime Minister Trudeau's climate hypocrisy. I demand the Prime Minister reverse course and put a stop to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion Project immediately. Climate leaders don't build pipelines. Climate hypocrites do.
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    Justin Trudeau’s government in Canada announced that it will pay $4.5 billion CAD to Kinder Morgan to buy both the 65-year-old Trans Mountain pipeline and the proposed controversial Trans Mountain Expansion Project. The government will also assume liability for construction costs of the project, which could cost Canadian taxpayers billions more. 

    You read that right: The Canadian Government is literally buying a tar sands pipeline with billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars in order to keep the project alive.

    There’s simply no room in a safe climate for new tar sands pipelines, and Justin Trudeau is a climate hypocrite. Join us in letting Prime Minister Trudeau know that this pipeline will not be built – and letting First Nations and Canadians across the country know that you stand with them to stop this terrible project.

    We know Trudeau cares about his image. It’s not too late for him to abandon this terrible project. Raise your voice with us so he knows how people around the globe feel about climate hypocrites like him.