Discovery Channel: Self-Censorship is Unacceptable

On Earth Day, the Discovery Channel aired an hour-long documentary about how global warming is affecting the North and South poles, but specifically chose not to mention the causes of climate change to avoid criticism from deniers. This is an enormous failure of Discovery's responsibility to inform their viewers, and it’s essential that we let them know that this kind of self-censorship is unacceptable.   

The Petition

The following is the petition we will send to Discovery Channel Founder and Chairman John S. Hendricks 

We are deeply disappointed by your decision not to explain the science, and human causes, of global warming in the “On Thin Ice” episode of the Frozen Planet series. As the world’s leader in environmental programming, your decision sends a dangerous message to media companies around the world — that it is better to censor yourself than risk criticism by global warming deniers. We call on you to immediately acknowledge this error and to conduct a review of all Discovery programming decisions to ensure no such self-censorship happens again.

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