Tell House Democrats: Take the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

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I write today to urge you to back up your commitment to address climate change by signing the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge. One thing this month’s elections made abundantly clear is that people are fed up with the status quo in Washington – and that our elected officials cannot be beholden to the industries they must regulate.

I’m asking you to join the 52 members of the new Congress who’ve taken the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge to prove that you will stand with people, not big polluters destroying our climate. As a contender for Democratic caucus leadership or an incoming Committee Chair, your stance sends an important signal to voters about the kind of party the Democrats plan to be. Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, and pledging to refuse contributions from the fossil fuel industry is a key first step to show you’re willing to take bold leadership.

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    Climate change is all over the news, and the GOP is back to lying and denying while the world burns. Democrats must prove they have a real plan to address climate devastation – and that starts with rejecting fossil fuel industry money. 

    Bold new leaders like Rep.-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have taken Congress by storm with their powerful vision of a Green New Deal, while our partners at the Sunrise Movement and others have kept the pressure up demanding a set of solutions equal to the dire problems we’re facing.

    Now’s the time to demand that the Democrats’ incoming leadership take the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge to show they’re willing to tackle the climate crisis with the seriousness it demands. 

    Right now, 52 members of the new Congress have already taken the pledge to reject donations from Big Oil, Gas, and Coal. But so far, Rep. Barbara Lee is the only candidate for Democratic House leadership who’s committed to fully rejecting the influence of the fossil fuel industry. Write a letter today urging the Dems' new leadership to take the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and prove they’re serious about tackling climate change.