Tell Exxon: Come clean and leave ALEC!

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This petition will be delivered to ExxonMobil's CEO, Darren Woods, and ExxonMobil's representative on ALEC's Private Enterprise Advisory Council, Cynthia Bergman: 

Cut all ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) now!
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    The American Legislative Council (ALEC) met for their annual conference in July 2016, and ExxonMobil was a major sponsor. There, members literally convene in smoke-filled rooms (they have an annual cigar party) to plan next year’s terrible bills that they will push state by state. 

    Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporting shows that Exxon has known that burning oil and gas causes catastrophic climate change as far back as 1977. But by the 1990s, Exxon had started funding climate disinformation at a massive scale. All designed to spread confusion about the urgency of climate change and keep their profits high.

    Today, Exxon says it supports a carbon tax, but it quietly funds ALEC. 

    Sign the petition to tell Exxon to come clean and leave the denial-promoting American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).