Tell Enterprise: Drive Away From ALEC!

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Enterprise: Live up to your own sustainability values by cutting all ties immediately with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an extreme right-wing lobbying group that denies climate change and blocks climate action. It is hypocritical for you to make "green" commitments in public while funding ALEC in private.

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    UPDATE: Victory!! Enterprise has dropped ALEC, "effective immediately." Learn more and help us keep racking up the victories by powering the fight

    Enterprise, the largest car rental company in the world, was recently revealed to be a dues-paying member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

    ALEC helps right-wing lawmakers fulfill the wish lists of their corporate buddies on a variety of topics that undermine American health and safety – including spreading climate change denial and blocking climate solutions. Enterprise makes “green” commitments to plant trees and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in public but funds ALEC in private. members have been instrumental in weakening ALEC’s power over our democracy — together, we have forced organizations from Google to AARP to cut ties with ALEC. We have a chance to use our collective power again to hold Enterprise accountable.

    Tell Enterprise: live up to your own sustainability values and leave ALEC immediately.