Exxon at the Olympics: #EnergyLiesHere

While climate change has been a major focus of the Rio Olympics, Exxon Mobil is paying a lot of money to advertise their #EnergyLivesHere campaign and brag about their to-do list. Oh, Exxon. We already know you do WAY more than just "make the gas."

They claim to work on clean energy solutions in splashy ads, but in reality, Exxon lobbies our legislators to block the affordable clean energy we need. Exxon's greenwashing won't fool us, because climate change is already impacting the Olympics and the world. Olympic athletes have been using their celebrity status to raise awareness of global warming, and the opening ceremonies featured a powerful video on the threat facing global cities. Scientists are predicting that many cities may soon be too hot and humid in the summers to host the Olympics at all.

Help us expose Exxon's lies! Watch the #EnergyLiesHere video to see what Exxon's ads SHOULD say, and share it far and wide!