Tell the EPA: Protect Us, Not Polluters

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We need the EPA to focus on protecting us, not polluters.
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    UPDATE ON MAY 15, 2017: We are no longer collecting comments, as the comment period has now ended. Thank you. 

    President Trump's EPA is evaluating which existing regulations should be “repealed, replaced, or modified.” It’s no secret: the Trump administration is moving fast to rig the system for polluters, under the guise of so-called “regulatory reform.” 

    We know this means a dismantling of the regulations that address climate change, including rolling back the Clean Power Plan and reconsidering rules on greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry. Tell the EPA that Trump’s regulatory reform is a giveaway to corporate polluters and will be perilous for our health and environment.

    Here are some tips when crafting your comment:

    • Explain why environmental protections and climate solutions matter to you and how they affect your health and safety, your quality of life, your economic well-being, your community, etc.
    • State that EPA regulations are based on sound science and protect humans and the environment by keeping our air, water, and environment safe, while addressing climate change. Rolling back these regulations could cause disastrous consequences.
    • Scott Pruitt should keep his promise to the American people that he made to fulfill the agency's mission to protect "human health and the environment." It's time for him to step up and keep that promise.

     The EPA will be accepting public comments through May 15.

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