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I pledge to stand up for science. I pledge to fight back against the denial, distortion, and disinformation funded by the fossil fuel industry that undermine science and block bold action on climate change at every turn.

I pledge to support efforts that strengthen the role of science in decision making and public policy, and will hold those accountable that seek to undermine it.

I call on Congress, the Trump administration, and state and local leaders to acknowledge that climate change is a real, human-caused, and urgent threat that must be dealt with by aligning our energy policy with climate science and the Paris agreement goals.
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    Science is under attack. From the muzzling of scientists and government agencies, to the immigration ban, the deletion of scientific data, and the de-funding of public science, the erosion of our institutions of science is a dangerous direction for our country. Real people and communities bear the brunt of these actions. 

    Science and scientific institutions face unprecedented challenges under the Trump administration, and with its allies in Congress. The administration intends to gut science funding, increase taxpayer support for fossil fuels, pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and pollute rural, low income, and minority communities where the fossil fuel industry is operating. Climate deniers have been appointed to key cabinet positions, including Scott Pruitt as head of EPA. And that's just the beginning...

    In the midst of a climate crisis we must demonstrate a united front of everyday citizens, climate scientists, and frontline communities to demand that decision makers acknowledge the science that climate change is a real, human-caused, and urgent threat. We must all join together to strengthen the role of science in decision making and public policy, and hold accountable those who seek to undermine it.

    Science isn't just an academic issue — it's about survival. And it's about solidarity. Add your name to the pledge today.